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Σχετικά με τα ενδιαφέροντα της ΕΕΕΣΜΑ


Παρίσι, 12/11/2012, ημερίδα για το Σουδάν
 "Au delà des dichotomies : le Soudan, de la formation du pays à l'indépendance du Sud, 1869-2011" -  "Beyond Dichotomies: The Sudan from its Modern Foundations to the Independence of the South, 1869-2011",  EHESS,  Paris, 12 novembre 2012

Οργάνωση:  Center for African Studies και  IISMM (Institut d'études de l'Islam et des sociétés du monde musulman), EHESS. Κύριος ομιλητής ο Heather Sharkey, καθηγητής ιστορίας, University of Pennsylvania.
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  http://actualites.ehess.fr/nouvelle5264.html


Παρίσι 29/11-1/12/2012, συνέδριο με θέμα τη λογοτεχνία και την ισλαμική έκφραση
 "L'adab en islam: éthique et spiritualité, l'adab soufi’
Οργάνωση: Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen (INALCO και IUF), Luca Patrizi (université d'Aix en Provence et L'Orientale de Naples).
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  http://iismm.ehess.fr (actualités)


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 18-19 April 2013, ημερίδα:
"Shared History, Shared Geography: The Ottoman East"

The Ottoman East (defined roughly as the area bounded by Ankara, Mosul, and Kars) has been viewed largely, both by contemporary Ottoman statesmen and modern-day historians, as a periphery of the Ottoman enterprise centered in the imperial capital and western Anatolia. These accounts posit the imperial center as the active agent of history, seeking to civilize or bring order to its borderlands. This workshop will begin to provincialize the center as it attempts to understand the Ottoman East on its own terms.

The workshop seeks to bring together younger scholars (graduate students engaged in research or those having defended their dissertations in the last three years) studying the Ottoman East for the period 1839-1950. Emphasizing an interdisciplinary and connected approach, submissions should consider: . center-periphery relations/locality/provinciality: what did the state mean in the Ottoman East? . tax collection and land issues . trans-imperial networks and agents . cosmopolitanism/parochialism . the circulation of people, money, ideas, and goods . cultural aspects (nomadic culture, provincial literature, folklore, etc.) . inter-communal relations/sectarianism/ethnic divisions . social geography . gender and sexuality

Για υποβολή ανακοινώσεων τελική ημερομηνία αποστολής:  15 /12/ 2012.
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  http://www.arisc.org/Resources/Calls-for-Papers

Οξφόρδη, 4-6/4/2013, συνέδριο ανατολικών σπουδών
 35th International Conference of the ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies: "The Amorites and the Hurrians", Oriental Institute, University of Oxford.

All papers given at the conference will be considered for publication in a future edition of the ARAM Periodical, subject to editorial review. If you wish to participate in the conference, please contact aram@orinst.ox.ac.uk before mid-December 2012.


Ολλανδία, Leiden University, 13-14 /5/2013, ημερίδα για το παραδοσιακό Ισλάμ και τη Δύση
"Europe and Hajj in the Age of Empires: Muslim Pilgrimage prior to the Influx of Muslim Migration in the West"

During the colonial age in particular, European and Ottoman empires had brought the Hajj under surveillance primarily for political reasons and interests in the control of steamship and the fear for the growth of Pan-Islamic networks. Another important motive for their scrutiny of Hajj was their anxiety for the spread of epidemic diseases in their colonies after the pilgrims' return. On the other hand, indigenous Muslims in Central and Eastern Europe, Muslim emigrants (especially in Great Britain, France and somehow in Germany) and European converts to Islam in other parts of Europe, were making their way to the Hajj and had left behind interesting accounts, such as diaries, published and un-published travelogues, press items in European newspapers, etc. European and non-European national and private archives enlist fascinating political, medical, religious and social reports of such narratives.

The symposium will investigate these European connections with the Hajj on these various levels. A particular focus will be placed on new research methods and results on the basis on national and personal archives and contemporary writings that so far have widely been ignored in the study of Hajj as part of European history. Among the questions which will be addressed: What do first-hand primary sources (especially archives) tell us about the European political perception of the Hajj? How did the international character of the Hajj as a Muslim sacred ritual influence European policies in their struggle for supremacy on the Muslim world? How did Muslims in Europe experience the logistic, economic, religious and spiritual aspects of the Hajj?

υποβολή για ανακοίνωση έως  15/11/2012.
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  http://www.isa-rc22.org/blog/?p=382

UC Santa Cruz, 2-4 May 2013, διεθνές συνέδριο για τη Μεσόγειο
"Sea Changes: Mediterranean and Maritime Perspectives on History and Culture", Mediterranean Seminar/UCMRP in Mediterranean Studies
This gathering invites scholars of the humanities and social science engaged in the study of maritime environments - in particular, the application of Oceanic models (pertaining to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, Pacific, or Indian Oceans, etc.) to the study of the history of human society and culture. Rather than pure research presentations or case studies, Papers should engage explicitly and directly with the Mediterranean and/or Oceanic Studies as methodological frames or emerging disciplines.
Themes include:
- "In the sea" or "of the sea? The practica of maritime methodologies; geographical determinism and/or human adaptations;
- Revelations and revisions: What the sea brings to scholarship.
- The historiography and reception of the sea in scholarship

υποβολή για ανακοίνωση έως  13/1/2013. Conference presenters will be provided accommodations, as well as travel funds as budget permits.
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  www.mediterraneanseminar.org


Τυνησία, Béja 25-27/4/2013 συνέδριο για τη γεωγραφία και την ιστορία στην αραβική Μεσόγειο:
Les régions montagneuses et forestières dans l'espace arabo-méditerranéen et leurs transformations à travers l'histoire

υποβολή για ανακοίνωση έως  30/11/2012.
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  http://calenda.org/209275


Συγκαπούρη, 29-31/5/2013, διεθνής ημερίδα
 "Converging Regions - Global Perspectives on Asia and the Middle East",

This conference organized by the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore seeks to harness the insight and creativity of academic specialists best placed to explore and understand the cumulative problems of increasingly interdependent global communities. MEI will convene leading scholars with expertise in Middle Eastern and Asian affairs to discuss their views and perceptions of regional and global change. This conference will address the broad political, social, and economic ramifications of such events and their impact on the wider trans-regional context.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  www.mei.nus.edu.sg


Καίμπριτζ, 8-10/7/2013, συνέδριο με θέμα τη Μεσόγειο κατά τον Μεσαίωνα
 "Trade, Travel and Transmission in the Medieval Mediterranean", University of Cambridge (UK), 8-10 July 2013

This inter-disciplinary conference will bring scholars together to explore the interaction of the various peoples, societies, faiths and cultures of the medieval Mediterranean, a region which had been commonly represented as divided by significant religious and cultural differences. The objective of the conference is to highlight the extent to which the medieval Mediterranean was not just an area of conflict but also a highly permeable frontier across which people, goods and ideas crossed and influenced neighbouring cultures and societies.

We invite proposals for papers in the fields of archaeology, art and architecture, codicology, ethnography, history (including the histories of science, medicine and cartography), languages, literature, music, philosophy and religion.

υποβολή για ανακοίνωση έως  1/12/2012.
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  http://www.themedievalacademyblog.org/?p=1170.


Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service in Qatar is Hiring 24 Faculty over 3 Years

This year alone we are recruiting in Arabic, Economics, English/Humanities, History. Faculty at any rank in these disciplines as well as other social science and humanities disciplines, in particular political science and international relations, are invited to express interest at any time.
Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:   http://qatar.sfs.georgetown.edu/grow/


Two Faculty Members in Arabic Language Instruction, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar

These new positions are part of an expansion in the field of Arabic language, literature and culture, including a path-breaking new Initiative in Arabic for Heritage Learners. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to collaborate on the development of the Arabic language program at SFS-Q, which currently offers courses in both Modern Standard Arabic as a non-native language and in the Heritage/Native Speakers track.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:  https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/2260

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