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υποτροφίες με θέμα την Κύπρο

Sylvia Ioannou Foundation

 Scholarships Programme
The Foundation, announces the establishment of its 1st Scholarship Programme for the Academic year 2013-2014. This Programme will award scholarships for post-graduate studies in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences on subject related to the island of Cyprus.
The amount of the scholarship award will be fixed, regardless of tuition and will cover maximum three (3) years. The number of available scholarships and the amount awarded depends on demonstrated interest and the financial availability of the Foundation. The scholar will be able to explore the possibility of other sources of financing their studies. Candidates are required to inform the Foundation if they receive another scholarship or grant for the educational level for which they are applying, or if they have paid employment ("assistantship") at the University chosen. The Foundation reserves the right to decide the partial instead of full payment or even to cancel the scholarship.

 General Requirements for Scholarship 
  1. Age: The maximum age of the applicant is 30 years old.
  2. Minimum grade of degree / diploma: The applicant should hold a degree of Greek or Cypriot University. Application process is open to graduates who hold a University degree at least eight (8.00) and they have completed their studies in a period not exceeding two (2) years from the minimum expected duration of study at undergraduate level. The candidate’s rank graduation, during the academic year or during the swearing is a factor to be considered in the selection of scholars. The candidate will be required to submit, together with a degree, a certificate of the University, with the rank of graduation.
  3. Candidates should be proficient in the language of the country in which they wish to study, or in the official language of the course they wish to attend and hold a formal Certificate, Diploma or Degree (valid and subject to the requirements of the University chosen).
  4. Military Service: Male applicants must have fulfilled their military obligations or legally exempt or received deferred classification sufficient for the completion of their studies, or be militants and their service will expire until June 30, 2013.
  5. Applicants may not apply for more than one fields or countries, or in more than one scholarship programmes of the Foundation.

Required supporting documents
  1. Completed Application Form, which is available online.
  2. Declaration of Programme pursued for postgraduate studies: Printing from the website of the University or its faculty. Candidates may apply only for one field. NOTE: After the announcement of scholarship awards, the scholar will not have the right to modify the declared field of study that has been approved by the Foundation, except of reasons related to force majeure, which the Foundation may consider on its judgment.
  3. Photograph of the candidate (color or black), in the size of an identification card.
  4. Brief Curriculum Vitae, in Greek, stating personal details of the candidate, the undergraduate studies, foreign language level of knowledge and any additional qualifications. Also, any work experience, honors and / or awards, any participation in seminars, conferences and publications of the candidate.
  5. Copy of diploma and transcript of all years, with the general point average, numerically up to two decimal places. Candidates who fail to complete their studies by March 31, 2013 (application deadline), should submit the grades of all individual courses with the current general point average. Α copy of their diploma or certificate of completion of their studies with the final point average is required to be submitted by June 30, 2013 otherwise the request will be excluded form the evaluation and selection process.
  6. Foreign language Certificate (Degree or Diploma): the certificate should be valid and consistent with the requirements of the University chosen.
  7. Registration certificate or letter of acceptance from the University chosen or copy of correspondence with the University chosen for the academic year in which this Scholarship Programme refers to: (i) positive reply letter or e-mail from the University chosen, personally to the candidate even though there is no formal position available and / or (ii) photocopy of the completed application form to the postgraduate programme for which the scholarship is requested.
  8. Letter from the University, chosen from candidate by June 30, 2013, which certifies that the candidate has been admitted to the course of studies pursued. That letter will be accompanied by a declaration of the candidate for the annual tuition costs.
  9. Proof of income: E-9 tax declaration form and return income tax report for the last two years and those of their parents.
  10. For male candidates, the military status certificate is requested.
NOTE: Any supporting documents that will be sent after the applications submission deadline, will not be accepted, unless included in the referred exceptions.

Application process
Submissions of applications and supporting documents must be done only electronically by Sunday, March 31, 2013 at referring to the "Scholarship Programme". Applications sent beyond this date, will not be accepted. Candidates should attach all the above mentioned documents in electronic format (scanned) and if selected will be required to provide the original documents. The application form is available here.
The supporting documents must be in Greek or English language, unless there is an official translation available.
The documents will not be returned. For this reason, candidates are invited to send simple photocopies of official documents, A4 size. Validation is not required.
Terms & Conditions
  1. The submission of the application does not imply acceptance.
  2. Failure to send any documents within the submission deadline, implies the rejection of the application.
  3. By sending this application for a scholarship, the candidate states clearly and irrevocably that unconditionally accepts all terms of this announcement, the Scholarship terms & conditions and the judgments and decisions of the competent personnel of the Foundation. It further states that the information contained in the application form, the supporting documents and / or other materials, is true and accurate.

Evaluation process 
  1. The Review Committee recommends, at its own discretion, to the Board of Directors of the Foundation the candidates chosen to award a scholarship.
  2. In case of equivalent academic qualifications, preference is given to candidates whose financial income is not sufficient to cover the cost of their studies.
  3. The Review Committee reserves the right to request a personal interview of the candidates, if it is deemed necessary.

General provisions 
  1. The amount of the scholarship will be paid by remittance to the name of the scholar. The scholarship commences, upon submission of all the above mentioned documents. The amount will be paid in installments per academic period (semester, quarter or other, depending on the course of study at the University chosen), and with the scholar’s obligation to provide: (a) evidence of academic achievement «B or Better» or equivalent grade for a different scoring system, and (b) a certificate of attendance. In cases requiring the advance payment of tuition, must be provided a relevant certification from the University chosen. The option of once off tuition payment will be considered when appropriate.
  2. Upon completion of their studies scholars should submit in due time, to the Foundation Secretariat, a photocopy of their diploma and thesis. Also, the scholar is required to present their work during their studies or after their completion upon invitation by the Foundation.
  3. Scholarships for part time or distance learning are not granted.
  4. The scholarship may be extended for more than one year upon submission of an application for renewal and a progress report by the University chosen stating the performance of the scholar.
  5. The Foundation reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of this announcement by notice in the Foundation website or any other appropriate means.
  6. The scholar is required to sign a contract in which the scholars’ obligations to the Foundation will be mentioned. The signing of this contract is a prerequisite for the award of a scholarship.

Announcement of results  
The results will be communicated individually and in writing with a letter to be sent via email. No information will be given over the phone.
The announcement of the results will take place in July.
Responsible for the final decision and selection of scholars is the Board of Directors of the Foundation. The Board of Directors of the Foundation shall, at its own discretion, decides whether or not the award of a scholarship and is not obliged to explain the outcome of the applications evaluation. 

Submission deadline
March 31, 2013


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