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σχετικά με τα ενδιαφέροντα της ΕΕΕΣΜΑ

Αθήνα, 10-12/12/12, δείτε αμέσως προηγούμενη ανάρτηση.

Μαδρίτη, 11-13/12/2012
 International Colloquium: "L'ibadisme dans l'Islam médiévale: political models, social organization and an inter-communal relations" Οργάνωση από Cyrille Aillet (Projet Maghribadite) και Maribel Fierro (Project AG-ERC KOHEPOCU).
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 Κοπενχάγη, 22-23/2/2013
Workshop: "History Making in Central and Inner Asia", Universität Halle Στα πλαίσια του VW-Project "Genealogy and History: Collective Identities in Independent Kyrgyzstan".
 Οργάνωση από Dr. Svetlana Jacquesson (American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) και Dr. Ildikó Bellér-Hann (University of Copenhagen).
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 Ιρλανδία, 24-26/6/2013
 BRISMES Conference: "Popular Movements in the Middle East and Islamic World
The recent events have brought unprecedented change to the MENA region. They have reasserted a key feature of the region - the centrality of popular movements in engendering change. This conference focuses on the challenges posed both by the emergence of new popular movements and by the resurgence of traditional ones such as religious, tribal groupings and trade unions.
The organisers welcome submissions focusing on change in all areas of public life, including politics and society, language, literature and the arts, and on the broader Muslim world.
 Κατάθεση για συμμετοχή σε στρογγυλή τράπεζα ή ανακοίνωση έως 18 January 2013.
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California, Los Angeles, 24-26/6/2013
29th Annual Conference of the Association for Israel Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
 Κατάθεση για συμμετοχή με ανακοίνωση έως 10 January 2013.
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Καίμπριτζ 2-5/7/13
Fourth Annual Gulf Research Meeting, University of Cambridge
Κατάθεση για συμμετοχή έως 31/1/ 2013
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Σουηδία, Λουντ, 19-21/9/13
Ninth Nordic Conference on Middle Eastern Studies: "Everyday Life in the Middle East", Lund, Sweden Οργάνωση από the Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies (NSM) and open to scholars, students, journalists, policy makers and activists specialising in the Middle East.
Κατάθεση για συμμετοχή σε στρογγυλή τράπεζα ή ανακοίνωση έως March 17, 2013.

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Λιέγη, 10-12/10/13
International Conference: "Autograph/holograph and Authorial Manuscripts in Arabic Script", Université de Liège (Belgium), 10-12 October 2013
The aim of the conference is to focus on four main aspects of the research about autograph/holograph and authorial manuscripts: codicology, paleography, textual criticism and working method.
Κατάθεση για συμμετοχή σε στρογγυλή τράπεζα ή ανακοίνωση έως 31 January 2013.
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Postdoctoral Fellow in Modern Arab Culture and Society, Brown University, Rhode Island Middle East Studies at Brown University invites applications for a two-year post-doctoral fellow in Modern Arab Culture and Society, with an emphasis on social movements and youth culture in a global context.
The ideal candidate will be fluent in Arabic, have extensive field experience in the Arab world, and be familiar with global development and political discourses on modern movements in the Middle East and beyond.
Applications received by January 15, 2013 will receive full consideration, but the search will remain open until the position is closed or filled.
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Assistant Professor in History of the Middle East, Central Connecticut State University This is a one-year, emergency appointment at the Assistant Professor rank to teach courses in the history of the Middle East. Review of applications will begin on December 17 and continue until March 15, 2013, or until the position is filled.
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University of Aberdeen Research Project Award Scheme: "Comparative Statecraft and Constitutional Thought" The University of Aberdeen provides funding for four innovative doctoral-level projects from high-calibre applicants on Comparative Statecraft and Constitutional Thought. Our understanding of legitimate governance in principle and practice has generally been studied through the lens of Western paradigms: the United Nations, the nation-state, the separation of church and state, the will of the people. Seeking to break this mould, the Project initiative will support contemporary and historical research from across the humanities and social sciences on the comparative study of indigenous understandings of legitimate governance. In particular, we are looking for research proposals on: (i) The development of indigenous constitutional documents and frameworks; (ii) The historical and ethnographic study of systematised modes of statecraft; and (iii) The intellectual genealogy and writings of non-western constitutional thinkers.
The Project welcomes applicants focusing either singly or comparatively on non-Western regions and traditions, including the Middle East and Muslim-Majority Societies, Latin America, Africa and Asia.
The studentships are open to all nationalities and will cover home/EU or Overseas fees.
Deadline for applications (for entry October 2013) is 8 March 2013.
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_____________ .

Fourth Gulf Exchange, UAE and Qatar, 20-29 January 2013 Project Encounter ( is a non-profit initiative based in the UAE that promotes constructive engagement between the Middle East and the West, and serves as a stage for on-the-ground encounter. Project Encounter is pleased to announce that the application process is now open for the Fourth Gulf Exchange, the flagship program for Project Encounter.
The Gulf Exchange is a visit program for young influence-makers and future leaders from North America and Europe, to the UAE, Qatar and the Gulf, with an integrated itinerary to deepen understanding of the political, economic, and social dimensions of the Middle East.
The 10-day program will involve a high-level itinerary in the UAE and Qatar, consisting of closed-door meetings with leading regional figures and a bespoke cultural-social program.
The application process is open specifically to current or recent graduate students, and young professionals, who show exceptional capability and professional promise. In rare cases, undergraduate students may be considered.
The deadline is 7 December 2012.. Students will be expected to pay for airfare and a subsidized rate for accommodation. There is no additional program fee for the Gulf Exchange.
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Articles for Edited Volume: "Translation and Translation Studies in Modern Iran" We invite submissions for inclusion in a substantial volume on this subject.
The purpose of the volume is to provide an updated critical account of the present status of translation and Translation Studies in Iran, to show the similarities and differences of the theory and practice of translation in that context and elsewhere, to explore their potentials for Translation Studies, and to provide blueprints for further research.
The deadline for abstract submission is March 1, 2013.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες: or email editors: Dr. Esmaeil Haddadian Moghaddam, University of Leuven;; Dr. Omid Azadibougar, City University of Hong Kong,,

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