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θέσεις εργασίας για νέους ερευνητές

University of Zurich, URPP Asia and Europe

Research position at the doctoral level in research field 3 Norms and
Social Order(s)

Institution Type: College / University
Location: Switzerland
Position: Doctoral Fellow

The University Research Priority Program (URPP) Asia and Europe of the
University of Zurich explores exchanges and encounters between Asia
and Europe that have taken and continue to take place in the areas of
culture, law, religion and society. It promotes research by junior
graduate scholars at both doctoral and post-doctoral levels within a
structured and interdisciplinary research environment. The URPP
consists of three research fields, i.e. Concepts and Taxonomies,
Entangled Histories, and Norms and Social Order(s)

We invite applications for

2-3 research positions at the doctoral level in research field 3 Norms
and Social Order(s)

Starting date: 1 September 2013

Applicants should submit an original research project related to the
following research projects:

1) Political Protest, Circulating Norms and the Political Economy of
Land in South Asia

This project looks into forms of protest against land grabbing and
land colonization in South Asia. We start from the premise that the
political economy of land in South Asia forms part of a specific mode
of governing through a state of exception, in which different forms of
property rights are contested and negotiated. The project will look
into the formation of transnational networks (forms of protest) and
the transnational circulation of norms, ideas and practices (between
Asia and Europe) that are mobilized to legitimate political protest
and uprising or, conversly, to justify territorial claims and related
political and even military interventions by state and non-state
actors alike.

2) Reconfiguring Citizenship in the Arab World

Recent developments in the Arab world have renewed academic interest
in types of contentious action and patterns of popular mobilization in
the region. Since the events of the so-called Arab spring, challenging
authoritarianism and opposing social inequalities in the name of
justice, dignity and liberty have been effective devices for
reclaiming political participation. The language of transnational
human rights and civil rights has been of utmost importance in this
context. However, current developments in several countries of the
region point not only to the force of resistance of certain groups and
centres of power, but also indicate the re-emergence of profound
ideological cleavages inside as well as outside the state apparatus.
What seems to be at stake is the relationship between subjects and the
state in terms of political belonging as well as in terms of access to
rights and resources. At the same time, the fact that mobilization has
been fostered by a multitude of communicational tools  ranging from
personal networks and established organizations to new social media
and from image politics to artistic forms of public expression  raises
questions as to the role of mediatization in political protest.
Focusing on the changing course of protest and conflict, the project
will be devoted to conflicting claims to citizenship and to the
contested character of its institutionalization.

Questions that could be addressed under this perspective are:

-        What is the role played by mediatization in shaping concepts
and practices of citizenship?

-        How is public space used by different actors for the
inclusion or exclusion of groups and their political demands?

-        What are the strategies employed by protesters and the
authorities to visualize political protest?

-        How is citizenship politically and legally re-configured?

According to the disciplinary background of the candidate and the
thematic focus of the proposal, the PhD project will be assigned to
legal studies or Islamic / Middle Eastern studies. Projects with a
focus on gender are especially encouraged.

Requirements: M.A. or equivalent academic degree qualifying the
candidate to submit a PhD thesis in one of the following disciplines:
Chinese studies, East Asian art history, Gender studies, general and
comparative literature, geography, history, Indian studies, Islamic
and Middle Eastern studies, Japanese studies, law, political science,
social and cultural anthropology, study of religion, theology.

Candidates are expected to enroll in the URPPs graduate program
(Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Asia and Europe), where
discussions are conducted in German and/or English. Candidates should
therefore have adequate knowledge of German or be ready to acquire the
necessary language skills upon notice of election.

Employment conditions: 50% PhD-position at the University of Zurich
for the duration of three years at most. The salary is according to
the Universitys regulations for PhD-students. PhD dissertations are to
be submitted at the University of Zurich.

We offer:a stimulating, demanding and competitive disciplinary and
interdisciplinary research environment (4 faculties, 14 disciplines).


Applicationsshould be submitted electronically in a single
PDF-Document by 15 February 2013 according to the application
guidelines published on our website
( Please send them
to the following email address:

Contact: Dr. Inge Ammering, URPP Asia and Europe, Executive Manager,
Tel.: +41 44 634 07 38


Primary Category: Research and Methodology

Secondary Categories: None

Posting Date: 12/10/2012

Closing Date 02/15/2013

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