mardi 14 février 2017

Περί ακαδημαϊκής ελευθερίας, περί ακαδημαϊκής ύπαρξης, περί ακαδημαϊκής επιβίωσης. από τη EURAMES σχετικά με την Τουρκία


Since September 1st, Turkish government is firing academics, confiscating their passports and banning them from any kind of public work. Since then 4,811 academics from 112 universities have been discharged by 5 Statutory Decrees. The largest number of discharges occurred at Süleyman Demirel University (193), İstanbul University (192), Gazi University (169) and Pamukkale University (164). There are 191 universities in Turkey and 15 of them were closed by the statutory decrees. There were 64,533 students and 2,805 academic members at those universities. There are 146,124 people at universities, according to the data of Higher Education Council of Turkey.

330 academics from 48 universities were discharged by the new statutory decree issued February 7 under State of Emergency in Turkey. The largest number of discharges were at Ankara University (78). Greater part of it was from the Faculty of Political Science, a school which has been found in 1859 and always known for its engagement to critical thought.

184 of 330 academics who have been expelled by the Statutory Decree announced in February 7 are "We will not be a party to this crime" declaration signatories well known as the “Academics For Peace”, condemning Turkish government's attacks and heavy violations of basic human rights in Kurdish cities in southeast Turkey. 26 of the 184 academics were previously either sacked or they resigned.

Education and Science Laborers Union (Eğitim-Sen) of Turkey had announced a “Grand Rally” in Ankara University Cebeci Campus due to the latest government decrees. Police have prevented expelled academics and more who came to support from entering Cebeci Campus of Ankara University. With shutting down the campus door, riot police beat academics. 11 people including academics were taken into custody.
The academics who were dismissed from their universities with a recent executive decree wanted to rally against the unlawful decision in Ankara University Cebeci Campus. The protestors gathered in front of Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, known by its historical name “Mülkiye”, including dismissed academicians, their colleagues and students, as well as the former Dean Prof. Karatepe. Academics put their gowns down on the floor in front of the campus entrance to protest the police attack. The most striking photo of the day was taken when the police trampled over the gowns and attacked the academicians.

As students and academics live in foreign countries, we decided to take photos and videos from our cities to show solidarity and to demonstrate that our schools are more than just a building. We kindly invite all academics worldwide to show their support returning our call with their solidarity messages. Our tags are as follows in Turkish;

Siyasal Her Yerde (Faculty of Political Science is Everywhere)
Akademi Biat Etmez (Academy Does Not Obey)
Hocama Dokunma (Hands Off My Professor)

Please help us spread our word.
Ankara University Faculty of Political Science alumnis

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