vendredi 16 septembre 2016

Poulos, Panagiotis. Music in the Islamic World. Athens: Hellenic Academic Libraries, 2015.
This book is an introductory handbook to the historical and ethnomusicological study of the musical traditions of the Islamic world. The aim of the book is to introduce its readers to the role and status of music in societies where Islam has historically been the predominant religion. The book is structured around three basic themes: Sources, Perspectives, Practices. Among the topics that are being explored is the relation between music, religion and ritual, the ways music is transmitted, musical orality and literacy, philosophical approaches to music and its conception as science and as art, its performative nature etc. Music is approached in relation to other forms of art (literature, iconography, architecture etc.) and to the various fields in which creativity is expressed in the Islamic world. Overall, this book aims to to contribute to a deeper and broader understanding of Islamic culture.

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