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A City Transformed: Images of Istanbul Then and Now

Istanbul_Then and Now
A City Transformed: Images of Istanbul Then and Now
February 06, 2016, to June 26, 2016
The city we now know as Istanbul has been an important cultural and economic hub for centuries. Under its many guises — first as Byzantium, then Constantinople, and finally Kostantiniyye/Istanbul — this magnificent place has witnessed a succession of empires, the migration of peoples, and astounding urban growth.
Organized by the Aga Khan Museum in collaboration with the Ömer Koç Collection, Istanbul.
Dr. Filiz Çakır Phillip (Aga Khan Museum) and Bahattin Öztuncay (Ömer Koç Collection, Istanbul).
LEFT: “Golden Horn and Suleymaniye Mosque, built for Suleyman I”
From the Album of Constantinople
With the tuğra of Sultan Abdülhamid II
By Photoglob Zürich, ca. 1890
Photochrom print, hand-tinted and mounted on boards
Binding: full leather with gold tooling
Ömer M. Koç, private collection
RIGHT: Detail of Muta-morphosis, Istanbul, Ataköy #1
By Murat Germen, 2012
Lambda C-print
Photo courtesy of the artist.

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